Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ollie Johnston 1912-2008

now with the final soul of the 9 collected, the ritual of summoning can comence. On the third moon of the age of zul. the stones of power will be placed upon the altar of kamazume. then when the blood of the 12 virgins are spilled and the encontation of bill pete is uttered, Durn the hungerer, a Giant demon of untold power will be torn from his throne that lies deep within the depths of the 6th nether region and be brought to the human world; Where, in the form of a giant mickey mouse, he will reek havoc on the cities of the world and desemate the armies of man. after the banners of men fly no more, Walt Disney himself will rise from his forzen tomb to once again enter the world of the living. with no one left to stand against his unholy mite, he will take his place at the throne of gilgamesh, becoming the eternal and uncontested ruler of the universe.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Im so sorry

This is an entry about how stupid i think the tauren race look on flying mounts in the world of warcraft game. and yes, yes I am a nerd. This is one of those ideas that seemed really funny to me at first but by the time i was done drawing it i regretted it and it lost all its humor to me. I submitted it to the site anyways cause i put the time into it and thought might as well...no one reads these things anyways so i'm gonna stop talking. Oh and Im well aware it could be better, if i knew how i'd be a better artist though wouldn't!!!