Thursday, January 3, 2008


cause i was bored


Todd Oman said...

Oh damn I can only imagine the long house that guy could build. I wonder how much gold and food it costs to make him.

Jeff Campbell said...

awesome naked native americans are always bad ass. Good job bro, love the shapes in this piece

Melvina said...

Hey, if it isn't my old friend the baldy investment banker-dog!! How are ya, mister I-can't-move-my-head-1-degree?? Hehe I'm just kidding, it's GREAT to hear from you man. and no, I'm helpless; I dunno the piiwii hurman ref ur talking about.
I'll post art I promise.
OMG in other news---DID you know there's gonna be a Radiohead concert in Paris on the same day as my birthday? Tickets were sold out, of course...I am so sad.

david gemmill said...

damn dude. you are pretty good at drawing man muscles...almost tooo good.


Nathan Lindsay said...

this is very cool. I love those proportions.