Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This is the ugly guy from flight of the conchords. some people have tried to get me into this show and i jsut can't do it. It's got its moments but, meh. Heres a made up sample bit of dialogue to show what the show is like.

"Hey Bret. Why you wearing a shoe on your head?"

"Its not a shoe its a hat"

"No I'm pretty sure thats a shoe"

"no, no its a hat"

"A hat?"



and that will continue for 30 minutes till they make a song about it.


Todd Oman said...

A shoe for a hat, that's rich. I think they got that routine out of the book How to be Reall Funny.

david gemmill said...

dude you're killing us over here.

Bill Ferguson said...

Great work. Your style rocks!

flaviano said...

love your characters. you really talented!

Bill Ferguson said...

Thanks for the comment, I truly appreciate it!

Sarita said...

He's not ugly. I think he's quite handsome, actually.

Sarita said...


i'm just sayin'. great cartoon, but def. not an ugly guy